What is different about the "Feel Fuller with Fuller Calories" course?

The "Feel Fuller with Fewer Calories" Course is NOT a DIET.
It is a lifestyle!
The course is all about making changes that are permanent & long lasting.
The course is all about:

  • Making the right
    food choices

  • Possibly losing some weight
    without medication

  • Making lifestyle changes & feeling better about yourself

Want to make the right food choices?
Don't know where to begin?

  • Don't know what to choose with the wide variety of choices available!

  • Everyday there is new study about what foods are good & what foods are not, confusing you even more!

  • You are tired of following diets as short term solutions to manage your weight!

  • Your brain hurts when you need to go grocery shopping

  • You feel hungry all the time despite eating regular meals

  • It is about time you made some serious change to
    your eating habits

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The "Feel Fuller with Fewer Calories" course is for anyone who..........

  • Is looking for a permanent solution to changing
    their eating behaviours

  • Is willing to pay attention to their eating behaviours

  • Is ready to make a change in their lifestyle and food choices

  • Is willing to do whatever it takes for change to happen

  • Is willing to make a commitment to themselves

  • Is willing to take care of themselves

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
  • 2
    Chapter #1
    • Role of hormones
    • Understanding satiety & fullness
    • Feed yourself fuller chart-British Nutrition Foundation
  • 3
    Chapter #2
    • Fibre fiction
    • Fibre Containing foods
    • FACTSHEET-Food-Sources-of-Fibre
    • Fibre Substitutions
    • Good Sources of Fibre
    • Sample Meal Plan- 37g fibre
  • 4
    Chapter #4
    • Protein
    • No bake granola recipe
    • Vegetarian protein sources
  • 5
    Chapter #5
    • Fats and Carbs
    • Carbohydrate Content of Fruits-veg
  • 6
    Chapter #6
    • Snacks
    • 12 ways to manage your weight by choosing smart snacks that will make you feel fuller
    • 15 Snacks for weight mgt
  • 7
    Chapter #7
    • Meal Patterns and other factors
    • glyindex
    • Hunger- Satiety Scale
    • Meal Patterns & Meal balancing
    • Understanding glycemic index
  • 8
    Chapter #8
    • Putting it altogether
    • 15 filling foods
    • Mindful Eating

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