What is different about the "Feel Fuller with Fuller Calories" course?

The "Feel Fuller with Fewer Calories" Course is NOT a DIET.
It is a lifestyle!
The course is all about making changes that are permanent & long lasting.
The course is all about:

  • Making the right
    food choices

  • Possibly losing some weight
    without medication

  • Making lifestyle changes & feeling better about yourself

Want to make the right food choices?
Don't know where to begin?

  • Don't know what to choose with the wide variety of choices available!

  • Everyday there is new study about what foods are good & what foods are not, confusing you even more!

  • You are tired of following diets as short term solutions to manage your weight!

  • Your brain hurts when you need to go grocery shopping

  • You feel hungry all the time despite eating regular meals

  • It is about time you made some serious change to
    your eating habits

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The "Feel Fuller with Fewer Calories" course is for anyone who..........

  • Is looking for a permanent solution to changing
    their eating behaviours

  • Is willing to pay attention to their eating behaviours

  • Is ready to make a change in their lifestyle and food choices

  • Is willing to do whatever it takes for change to happen

  • Is willing to make a commitment to themselves

  • Is willing to take care of themselves

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Course curriculum

    1. An overview

    1. Role of hormones

    2. Understanding satiety & fullness

    3. Feed yourself fuller chart-British Nutrition Foundation

    1. Fibre fiction

    2. Fibre Containing foods

    3. FACTSHEET-Food-Sources-of-Fibre

    4. Fibre Substitutions

    5. Good Sources of Fibre

    6. Sample Meal Plan- 37g fibre

    1. Protein

    2. GRANOLA

    3. No bake granola recipe

    4. Vegetarian protein sources

    1. Fats and Carbs

    2. Carbohydrate Content of Fruits-veg

    1. Snacks

    2. 12 ways to manage your weight by choosing smart snacks that will make you feel fuller

    3. 15 Snacks for weight mgt

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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Alka Chopra

Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator & a Creative Soul

Welcome, Welcome Welcome my new friend. I am sooooo glad that you decided to stop by my school. This tells me that you are very serious about making some serious changes in your lifestyle so you can improve your health!

If you have made this decision, let me reassure that I am with you all along the way in any way I can support you reach your health goals.
Let me tell you a bit of my background. By way of my training, I am a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator.
And I am supposed to be talking nutrition. Right!

However, my philosophy really revolves around 2 of my mottos:

1. Think health beyond nutrition; because health is not just nutrition. There are so many other parts to that go into living with good health like mental health, sleep,
stress management and so on.

2. If nutriton is not simple IT DOES NOT GET DONE. 

I talk to so many people about their health within the " nutrition" perspective. However health is certainly beyond "nutrition". I strongly believe in this philosophy and follow it as well. I paint, craft, bead, meditate and do anything that makes me a balanced person inside out.
Anyone can do this by making small changes into your daily life. 
The easiest way to bring about change in your life is by starting small.
In my school you will come across courses that are centered around making weekly changes. Now you certainly do not have to make new changes every week. That is way too many changes!!!!!!!!!!!!The point is to be selective in what you would like to change and continue doing it atleast once a week, week after week. I will be teaching courses on nutrition of course. Additionally some painting, crafting and stress management courses will also be added.
So go ahead and pick ONE change that you would like to do on a weekly basis and lead a life that you enjoy.
Wishing you loads of good health and happiness
Take care.

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