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FEEL GOOD by learning new skills and create a life designed by YOU!

An event to explore your creative potential so you FEEL GOOD about yourself!

In this one- day event you will learn 6 new creative skills that can easily be done by a non-trained artist. The instructors will walk you step-by-step through each project. You will be able to complete the projects even if you have never even picked up a paint brush.

All workshops will be recorded and you can practice as much as you want.

What is "Feel Good Day"?

Infuse your life with some colors!
Feel good!
The day is all about getting your creative juices flowing and getting your selfcare system in place with some creative projects.

  • Learning and getting your hands rolled in color, clay and other mixed media materials and feeling the magic!

  • Building positive relationship with yourself and understanding what living well means for you.

  • Developing a connection for self-care.

  • Learning to handle stress, anxiety, and overwhelm with activities you can integrate into your lives so you become the best version of yourself.

  • Practical easy to follow arts & crafts ideas so you can seamlessly integrate self-care into your everyday life.

  • Creating precious moments in your busy lives where you learn to pause, reconnect and live.

What will you learn?

  • Alcohol Inks

  • Pyrography (Wood Burning)

  • Zentangle

  • Water Color/Ink

  • Pastel Painting

  • Mud and mirror work

Course curriculum

    1. Relax through the Magic of Alcohol Inks

    2. About Faigie Kobre & Contact Info

    3. Project Image

    1. Fun with Fire (Pyrography)

    2. About Pushpa Javaji and Contact Info

    3. Project Image

    1. Pastel Nagomi

    2. About Jackie Akane & Contact info

    3. Project Photo

    1. Water Color and Ink

    2. About Sumalatha Karveti and Contact Info

    3. Project Image

    4. Inspirations

    1. Instructor: Yvonne's Westover, Bio & Contact Info

    2. Zentangle

    1. Instructor: Alka Chopra Bio & Contact Info

    2. Lippan Work (Mud & Mirror)

    3. Project Image

About this course

  • $27.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

What will you need?

You will recieve supply lists for all the projects once you purchase the event.

What's included?

6 pre-recorded video tutorials complete with material lists and step by step instructions to complete the projects

What will you learn?

- Alcohol inks
- Zentangle
- Watercolor and inks
-Pastel painting
- Pyrography (wood burning)
- Mud and mirror work

What's included in the event?

  • Supply Lists

    Supply lists so you can grab everything you need to get started.

  • 6 Online Video Tutorials

    6 projects that are meditative in nature and can be easily done by a non-artist

  • Paint when you can! 24/7 Access!

    6 recorded tutorials (2 sessions will be LIVE and recorded) so yo can access at your convenience.

  • Private Community

    A private social media group to and community to share your work and make friends!

Testimonials from past events

“OMG is right !! It was a beautiful 4 days. I am happy I joined. Your summit was a success - you accomplished what you set out to do.
Thank you, thank you so very much Alka !! It is a pleasure to have spent time with you !! You have a beautiful soul !! ”


“I should take a moment and just say how warm and welcoming your intro was yesterday, surrounded by your family who not only were there for you, but also for us. Shining example of a family who 'feels the happiness together'. It was a delightful experience. ”


“I hope you have had time to rest and recover....and eat a deserving bag of Cheeto's to celebrate your amazing feel good summit!!
I enjoyed participating by offering my workshop, being in a panel discussion and partaking in 4 of the sessions offered! I hope you continue to offer such a wonderful resource in the future and I would be happy to support your effort in any way I can. ”


“Thank you for the art classes and writing classes. I found them very meaningful! I liked the varied presentations as a whole, but especially liked Dominique's and the one with making cards using loving kindness phrases. I really appreciate what you did to bring this together!
Thank you for all that you have done and are doing to help people feel better! What special work you are doing!!!!!”