What does FEELING GOOD mean to you?

Most people do not understand the real meaning "feeling good" so let's understand that!

Feeling good really means:

  • Having a constant supply of energy to fulfill all your tasks & responsibilities outlined for the day

  • Being able to find the time to focus on your own personal needs and do the activities that you enjoy totally GUILT FREE

  • Manage to stay focused in everything that you do

  • Being able to prepare healthy, delicious meals on a consistent basis for yourself and your loved ones

  • Sleep well and wake up fresh in the morning

  • Ready to get things done, but not overwhelmed.

  • Being in a head space where you are able to enjoy the little things while I still get things done.

  • Being motivated to do the 'boring' stuff efficiently regularly

  • Serving from a place of joy rather than resistance

  • Being thankful for all that you own and all that you have achieved

If any of the above resonate with you then the "I FEEL GOOD SUMMIT" is definitely for you!

So what is the "I FEEL GOOD SUMMIT"?

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Course curriculum (content will be added as LIVE sessions progress)

LIVE event runs from Oct 26th - Oct 29th

    1. Roxanne Wagner, Registered Dietitian

    2. Using a raclette grill

    3. Practical Approaches to Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Eating Patterns

    4. Practical Approaches to Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Eating Patterns

    1. The Brain and Movement: Best Practices

    2. Olga Danilevich, Registered Yoga Teacher

    1. Wood Burning

    1. Alcohol ink

    1. Pen and ink

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  • 9 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

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