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What is "I Feel good Summit"?

Its all about understanding the real meaning of feeling good and changing your habits!

After the summit you will be able to:

  • Identify the habits you need to change!

  • Design an action plan you can follow consistently to change your habit/s

  • Increase productivity. Feel energised!

  • Sleep well and wake up fresh in the morning

If any of the above resonate with you then the "I FEEL GOOD SUMMIT" is definitely for you!

So what is the "I FEEL GOOD SUMMIT"?

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Course curriculum (content will be added after the summit ends on Oct 29th)

LIVE event runs from Oct 26th - Oct 29th
All content will be available on Nov 14th, 2022

    1. Roxanne Wagner, Registered Dietitian

    2. Using a raclette grill

    3. Practical Approaches to Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Eating Patterns

    4. Practical Approaches to Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Eating Patterns

    5. Contact Information for Roxanne

    6. Download

    1. The Brain and Movement: Best Practices

    2. Olga Danilevich, Registered Yoga Teacher

    3. Contact information for Olga

    1. Fun with Fire (Pyrography)

    2. About Pushpa Javaji and Contact Info

    3. Project Image

    1. Project Image

    2. Alcohol ink

    3. About Faigie Kobre & Contact Info

    1. Watercolor and Ink

    2. About Sumalatha Karveti and Contact Info

    3. Project Image

    4. Inspirations

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