What is the "INCLUDE" toolkit?

Let me begin by expanding on the meaning & essence of the "INCLUDE" toolkit. 

The word "INCLUDE" revolves around the steps to take when eating the glycemic index way: 

I  –  Incorporate slowly

N – New foods

C – Choose low GI foods more often 

L – Lifestyle

U – Understand the concept

D – Distribute evenly through the day

E – Expand choices

The toolkit has two parts to it:

1. For the Dietitian: The toolkit is a collection of teaching tools to teach your clients the complex concept of "Glycemic Index" in a systematic and simple manner. 

2. For the client: It is a collection of resources that has been written in very simple client friendly language. A language that your client can understand and clearly follow when they are on their own. 


  • Alka Chopra, RD, CDE

    Alka Chopra, RD, CDE

    Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator & Creative Entrepreneur

    Hi there and a very warm welcome to the "INCLUDE"toolkit.

    I started incorporating "Glycemic Index" into my dietetic practice around 2009
    when I started working in diabetes. I found it to be very logical: you eat food and the blood sugar increases. Makes sense. Right! And the increase in blood sugar depends upon what you eat. If you eat black forest cake the increase is steep and if you eat an apple it is lower. I also began to see success for my clients, some even lost weight.
    Then I began to research a bit more about the concept and discovered the challenges around teaching the concept due the concepts inherent variabilities. I also discovered that one of the main challenge was that there was a lack of literacy friendly resources.
    The ones available were very high literacy, textual and focused more on the facts rather than providing practical ways to actually incorporate into real life .

And that is how the "INCLUDE" toolkit
was born.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Toolkit Layout
    • Layout of the toolkit
  • 2
    Some important things to note
    • Please note...........
  • 3
    RD Teaching Tools
    • The teaching process
    • Factors affecting GI - Flashcard Style
    • Factors affecting GI (Flash Card Style)
    • The Low GI Meal Planning Process
    • Blood Glucose Responses to Individual Food Groups
    • Blood Glucose Responses- pdf slides
  • 4
    Client Resources
    • Basic definitions & concepts
    • Do's & Dont's for a Low GI eating style
    • GI Characteristics & Categories
    • Design a Low GI recipe
    • Recipe modification worksheet
    • Foods to exclude\limit AND replace\include
    • How to be successful with low GI eating
    • Low GI Meal Plan - Week 1
    • Low GI Meal Plan - Week 2
    • Low GI Meal Plan - Week 3
    • Low GI Meal Plan - Week 4
  • 5
    Feedback Survey
    • Survey
    • Toolkit Feedback Survey
  • 6
    List of References
    • List of references (coming soon)
  • 7
    Editable Versions of tools
    • Editable versions of the tools & resources
    • Editable downloads of the tools & resources

For YOU the dietitian

  • Developed by a dietitian
    for dietitians

    Being a dietitian myself I can relate & understand your needs. Hence, this toolkit has been developed keeping in mind OUR needs for OUR clients.

  • Fully researched &
    evidence based

    All content included in the tools has been well researched from credible literature & resources. The toolkit also includes a section on references used.

  • A teaching process
    that works

    I share the teaching process that I have been using successfully in my own dietetic practice. The process is simple, yet systematic.

  • 5 ready to use
    teaching tools

    The teaching tools are ready to use. No thinking involved. You can read directly of the resource. The language & grammar has been carefully chosen for easy understanding by your client.

  • Increased professional satisfaction

    When our clients succeed we succeed! And that is a lot of professional satisfaction! The teaching tools have been designed in flash card format hence, very practical to use.

  • Customizable to your branding: colors, fonts & logo

    Working copies have been included within the toolkit. If you would like to add your brand colours, fonts and even your logo, it can easily be done.

  • Opportunity to make money

    If you are in private practice, you have the ability to further sell the included meal plans as an add on to your packages or even as an upsell.

  • Group licenses available

    If you work with a group of dietitians, then group licences are available (scroll to the end of this page). I have put in a lot of thought and effort in creating this toolkit. hence photocopying is highly discouraged.
    More than 9 RDs: Please contact me directly

For YOUR clients

  • 7 client friendly resources

    Glycemic Index concepts have been explained via a variety of client friendly resources. Topics have been chosen carefully so clients are able understand the entire concept and also apply it easily into their daily lives.

  • Literacy friendly

    Client resources have been designed keep in view literacy & comprehension levels of most people. The language is extremely simple. No scientific jargon or technical terms used to explain concepts.

  • 4- week menu plan

    The toolkit includes 4- week menu plan, complete with recipes & grocery lists. The ingredients for the recipes are easily available, quick to prepare and cooking methods are simple. Includes main meals & snack combinations.

  • Individualize distribution

    Each client understands & learns differently. Make your assessment & customize the distribution of resources based on the urgency, needs & comprehension of your client. Distribute singles or in booklet form (soon to be added).

  • Lots of visuals for easy understanding

    Lots of visuals and graphics have been used to make learning interesting & meaningful. No large text blocks or just fact based information. Loads of practical ways to incorporate
    GI into daily life.

  • Culture specific resources (coming soon)

    Culture specific resources will be added soon. As a start I will be adding resources targeted towards South Asian, Italian, Latin American & African population. More will be added
    with time.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Toolkit Layout
    • Layout of the toolkit
  • 2
    Some important things to note
    • Please note...........
  • 3
    RD Teaching Tools
    • The teaching process
    • Factors affecting GI - Flashcard Style
    • Factors affecting GI (Flash Card Style)
    • The Low GI Meal Planning Process