What is the "INCLUDE" toolkit?

Let me begin by expanding on the meaning & essence of the "INCLUDE" toolkit. 

The word "INCLUDE" revolves around the steps to take when eating the glycemic index way: 

I  –  Incorporate slowly

N – New foods

C – Choose low GI foods more often 

L – Lifestyle

U – Understand the concept

D – Distribute evenly through the day

E – Expand choices

My experience with glycemic index

Hi there and a very warm welcome to the "INCLUDE"toolkit. 

I started incorporating "Glycemic Index" into my dietetic practice around 2009 

when I started working in diabetes. I found it to be very logical: you eat food and the blood sugar increases. Makes sense. Right!

And the increase in blood sugar depends upon what you eat. If you eat black forest cake the increase is steep and if you eat an apple it is lower. 

I also began to see success for my clients, some even lost weight. 

Then I began to research a bit more about the concept and discovered the challenges around teaching the concept due the concepts inherent variabilities. I also discovered that one of the main challenge was that there was a lack of literacy friendly resources.

The ones available were very high literacy, textual and focused more on the facts rather than providing practical ways to actually incorporate into real life . 

And that is how the "INCLUDE" toolkit was born.

Your Instructor(s)

Alka Chopra, RD, CDE

Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator & Creative Entrepreneur

I like to call myself "A Selfcare Dietitian"!
Incase you are thinking that selfcare is taking care of yourself only for your physical & mental health, I will differ with you. In my world "Selfcare" also means taking care of yourself professionally. When you are professionally satisfied it has a positive impact on your physical & mental health.

In the various roles that I have had in my career as a clinical dietitian, as a chronic disease program manager and professor, the one thing that kept coming back to my role/s was designing and facilitating professional trainings. Slowly but surely this became an integral part of my life. I was really enjoying the creation and facilitation process. That became an outlet for my creative outlet. And that is how this idea of creating courses and professional trainings came by.

Hi there, my name is Alka Chopra and I am a Registered Dietitian & a Certified Diabetes Educator. I have a keen interest in adult education and have been working steadily towards refining my skills to teach & train adults.
I hold the following certifications that are all embedded in adult education.

IHC Trainings (Institute for Healthcare Communication):
* Choices & Changes Faculty Trainer

CCMI Certifications (Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation):
* Brief Action Planning Trainer
* Motivational Training Trainer

Other relevant certifications:
* Certified Diabetes Educator
* Leader Trainer: Stanford Chronic Disease Self Management Program
* Licensed Facilitator: Craving Change
* Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management- Level 1

It is my hope that all courses and trainings in my school will be of great support to you personally and professionally.

So, go ahead and explore the courses, webinars and trainings.

With all good wishes

Do not delay

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Cuisines adapted for low GI meals

    1. Traditional South Asian (North Indian) Cuisines

    2. Traditional West African & Caribbean Cuisines

    3. Traditional Italian Cuisines

    4. Traditional South Asian (North Indian) Cuisines

About this course

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For YOU the dietitian

  • Developed by a dietitian
    for dietitians

    Being a dietitian myself I can relate & understand your needs. Hence, this toolkit has been developed keeping in mind OUR needs for OUR clients.

  • Fully researched &
    evidence based

    All content included in the tools has been well researched from credible literature & resources. The toolkit also includes a section on references used.

  • Increased professional satisfaction

    When you have an understanding of the various cultural foods, you will be better able to guide & support your clients to make wiser choices & adapt them to make them low GI.

For YOUR clients

  • Cultural adaptations included

    * Italian
    * Mexican
    * South Asian (coming soon)
    * Caribbean (coming soon)

  • Literacy friendly

    This resource has been designed keep in view literacy & comprehension levels of most people. The language is extremely simple. No scientific jargon or technical terms used to explain concepts.

"INCLUDE" Glycemic Index into your
dietetic practice

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5 star rating

“INCLUDE: Teaching Toolkit for Cultural Cuisines with Glycemic Index (GI) Adaptations: from Recipes to Healthier Glycemic Control Outcomes

Barbara Q

Great professional format! Well adapted GI modifications to reduce the GI of traditional mixed meals. Thank you for this terrific cultural resource for health professionals to better understand client’s cultural foods and how-to explaining how ...

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Great professional format! Well adapted GI modifications to reduce the GI of traditional mixed meals. Thank you for this terrific cultural resource for health professionals to better understand client’s cultural foods and how-to explaining how to quickly and simply teach clients how to adjust traditional recipes for enhanced glycemic control as a part of diabetes education and self-management.

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